Enlarge image to anysize you want

A months ago I did a survey which tutorial you wanna see ? well as the result came out, "how to make hair selection" was no.1 and than I continue with "Photoshop Hair Masking Part 2".

The #2 video that you wanna see was how to enlarge your image :),.... well this video from abacusmage will show you how, this was the technique that I was gonna show you.

Upsizing A Great Image Into A Standard Poster Size

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Anonymous said...

This is amazing! Thanks!

Jim said...

I have something to add to this from another tutorial I watched.

Once you are done with this you might still have a slight blur.

Go to Filter> Other> High Pass

It will come up with a slider that allows you to choose your pixel radius> choose a relatively small number to start (about 2-5)


Anonymous said...

^ I forgot to mention that you have to then set that layer to overlay