High contrast black and white photography

It's not that easy to turn photo into black and white photo, sometimes it's not exactly black and white photo as I wanted it to be. I usually turn my photo into black and white photo by changing the color mode into grayscale, and by doing that I usually lost my photo sharpness or it's contras. Well with this new technique I don't have to worry about my photo sharpness or contrast, I hope you learn something new here...

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Read these the step by step tutorial if you like :

1. Open calculations tool by click image/calculations.

2. Change the blending mode into soft light.

3. Change the source #2 channel for the best contrast.

4. Choose new document for result, so your new image will be in new decument.
5. Click OK to continue.

Now you have a nice high contrast black and white photo rather than a dull B/W photo

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