Photoshop Hair Masking Part 2

As I had promised on my last post, now I'll show you how to make selections on curly hair in Photoshop using photoshop channels.

Can't see the video?, well don't worry I'll type the steps for you..

1. Open your image
2. Double Click your background layer.
3. Change your image mode color into lab color.
4. Go to palette channel.
5. Duplicate channel a.
6. Back to RGB color mode.
7. Ctrl + L to level it.
8. Set level until you have the highest contrast.
9. Turn on your blue channel.
10. Brush the red mask with white color.
11. Until the part you want to mask is clean.
12. Then use dodge and burn tool to clean up your mask.
13. Ctrl + Click to make selection.
14. Back to layer palette.
15. Click ad layaer mask icon.
16. Make a new layer.
17. Move it and fill itu with color.
18. Ctrl + U to change your background

That was easy too,... right :)

You might wanna see this:
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