How to create lomo photo effect in photoshop

This video tutorial posted by dimage1985, and this is what he said :

"This is a guide - I encourage you to experiment and tweak the effects to suit your own tastes. You'll learn more by doing that, than from any tutorial.

1. Less contrast (optional really - i think the final effect is better with less contrast but it's not necessary and can be turned off later)
2. Creating a vignette
3. Editing the colour with Curves - editing the channels individually for more vintage colours
4. Importing old paper texture - gives the image a warmer, more tactile feel. Get some old paper textures here:
5. Creating Light Leaks - my favourite feature of lomographic photos, this technique can look very authentic with more tweaking and experimenting with colours and blend modes

I use Photoshop CS3 in the video, but it should be almost exactly the same since version 7 (with the exception of the Shadow/Highlight tool, but that's an optional step)."

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