You Tube ditutup !@#$%^&*()

Hari ini 08 April merupakan hari bersejarah bagi dunia maya Indonesia. Apa pasal ?… Dengan diberlakukannya UU ITE (Indonesian First Cyberlaw) menjadikan beberapa portal industri pelayanan video stream terbesar dunia dan direct downlaod terbesar di dunia tidak bisa di akses secara total!!!., memberitakan: PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia Tbk (Telkom) menyatakan telah memblokir situs dan blog seperti YouTube, MySpace, Rapidshare dan Meta Cafe yang melakukan posting film Fitna.

Lalu bagaimana caranya supaya kita bisa tetap bisa masuk YOU TUBE,..
Berikut ini beberapa cara untuk tetap bisa masuk ke YOU TUBE :

If you’re an Indonesian and have recently read any news regarding to Blocking Cases by Indonesian Government - You must also know that Indonesian Government decide not to block only, but also several others file sharing and social networking website(s); such as rapidshare and multiply! And if you’re an Indonesian that is using Indonesian ISP(s) local services, then you might notice this blocking matter(s) from yesterday afternoon (At least that is what one of my YM friend is telling me).

Can we bypass that blocking system? Can we still watching some YouTube’s content in Indonesia, etc? Yes sure! It’s not a big deal at all - We can still watch, access and post any comment(s) on! Interested to know?! Let’s discuss here.

There are several ways to do it so - But this article will only talk about 2 different way(s) that you guys can use in order to fight/bypass this kind of blocking system. First of all, you can easily access some Anonymous Surfer like HideMyAss and/or do some translation from some online translator like Google Translate and BabelFish Translator. That is the easiest way to break this blocking system!

But there is another trick(s) that is written by Zoiz before and much more powerful compared to that one; which require you to change your secondary DNS to (That is a Singtel-based DNS and got nothing to do with Indonesia’s ISP(s)).

How to do it - Open your Network Setting. Right click and select property. In Internet Protocol list menu, click configure. And type in the DNS I provided into the secondary DNS. Now you can access!

Hope this little trick can help you guy(s)~

Th0R -

Selain dengan menggunakan google translator,..kita juga dapat menggunakan web2 seperti dibawah ini, cukup masukan saja alamat yang ingin kita tuju :


dan banyak lagi,..semoga ini bisa membantu bagi penggemar you tube dan situs lainnya yang diblokir oleh pemerintah.

tambahan dari Fariesna (dikirim melalui email)

guna membantu temen2 yg ingin tetep bisa mengakses site2 yg telah di blok, ini ada beberapa proxy site yg bisa kita gunakan untuk mengakses site2 tersebut.

Yang butuh Proxy buat buka web yang diblok pemerintah :

just copy paste..

Thanks to BNC for information....
penyalah gunakan proxy tersebut merupakan tanggung jawab pribadi masing2.
gunakan dengan bijak.
sudah saatnya kita berjiwa besar dan berfikiran cerdas....

Best Regard,


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