fake photos with photoshop liquify

The celebrities are famous for their great sexy body. But was it really so? it did not. Almost 90% of the photos you see have been through the editing process. One of the most common tool used to form the body of the celebrities is the liquify tool. Tool in photoshop that allows us to 'tidy up' of the body that are less good. With this tool you can "minimize" or "zoom in" a particular body part so that looks much more sexy than the original. The following video tutorial will teach step by step how to use traditional the liquify tool. Enjoy.

Snapshot 2009-08-12 17-58-49

Mariah Carey (on set for photo shoot, and final published photo)

Smoothed and thinned stomach, shrunk belly button,
Raised chest, altered swimsuit top,
Evened skin tone, removed tan lines.

Snapshot 2009-08-12 17-59-12

Rachel Weisz

Raised head, lightened facial features,
Thinned arms, knees and calves.

Snapshot 2009-08-12 18-00-09


Thinned stomach, hips, and calf muscle,
Removed bags from under eyes, repositioned eye lids,
Defrizzed and repositioned hair strands.

kira2 A&B

Keira Knightley

Enlarged chest,
Added volume to hair,
Softened eyes and eye brows.

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