How to remove color cast photoshop tutorial

Adjusting the color in the photo is probably the next step in the process that most photographers would turn to after making initial adjustments of brightness and contras in their images. An error in color cast in your photo can result from range of different circumstances, it can be incorrect white balance setting, it can be the color of the light you use, ect.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to remove color cast, not just by auto color adjustment menu, but more further than that. This professional technic will show you how to remove color cast by variation adjustment and color balance also.

A colour cast is a tint of a particular colour, usually unwanted, which affects the whole of a photographic image evenly.

Certain types of light can cause film and digital cameras to have a colour cast. In general, the human eye does not notice the unnatural colour, because our eyes and brains adjust and compensate for different types of light in ways that cameras cannot.

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